Thursday, January 31, 2013

Around the Corner

What's around the corner this year?  Hmmm??? 

Is a trip...
        to the grocery store, to the doctor's, to the mall, to... Hawaii?

                        Maybe it's an upcoming anniversary, or a birthday.

Perhaps it's a favorite TV show like NCIS, or Downton Abbey!

It could be something you've looked forward to for a loooong time, or, it could be something totally unexpected. You may be prepared or you may not.

Now that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are over, and the decorations have been packed up and put away... What's NEXT?

Maybe it's time to relax a bit and take a deep breath as you realize just how far you've come. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I look at the haystack in front of me and I realize I need to find the needle... NOW! 

This year I want to celebrate the little things. I don't want to take my eyes off my goals. I don't want to ignore my responsibilities, but I do want to CELEBRATE, in spite of the haystack, which I've come to realize will always be a part of my life. :)  Whatever comes around the corner, if it's planned or if it's not, if it's pleasant or even if it's a bit not-so-good... I want to find a nugget to celebrate.

There will always be corners to turn,

        and stairs to climb...

Whether we chose the view from the top...


            Or the view from below...

Once we make the decision to CELEBRATE we will find all the little pockets of JOY scattered across our path.
Thank-you for sharing the journey!


Rosinda Antunes said...

What a beautiful post, Georgie! It's always the simplest things that matter the most. I will celebrate with you...the sunrise, the sunset, the first spring flowers, time alone, time with family and many wonderful things to look forward to. Rosinda xoxo

Georgie54 said...

Thank You for all of your encouragement Rosinda! It means so much.xo Georgie